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Low cost of business coupled with a high quality of life and a great education system are just a few of reasons why businesses and industries choose Catoosa County in which to operate. In addition to the inherent qualities of the county, businesses may qualify for state and local Incentives based on new hires or investment. New and existing businesses are encouraged to reach out to our staff to help assist you with your specific location needed. 

Below is a list of incentives available to certain industry in Catoosa County. Please contact us today for more information on available local incentives or refer to the latest Georgia Tax Incentives Brochure for questions on specific state incentives.

Job Tax Credits

New and expanding companies may earn Job Tax Credits for creating new jobs in Georgia. These credits can effectively eliminate a company's corporate income tax liability, and in certain areas, can also reduce the company's payroll withholding obligations. Once a company has qualified to earn Job Tax Credits, it can earn a tax credit for each net new job it creates (and maintains) during the next five years. Each of those jobs can earn an annual credit for five years after it is created.

In addition to the standard Job Tax Credit, a Less Developed Census Tract (LDCT) existing in Catoosa County that allows for an enhanced Job Tax Credit. LDCT in the county encompasses Census Tract 301 and it's eligibility is based on State regulations.
Please refer to the state's Incentive Brochure for further details.

Job Tax Credit Tier

Tier 3

Minimum Net Jobs


Job Tax Credit


Use of Credit

50% of state income tax liability




100% of state income tax liability excess towards payroll withholding

*Only available to properties located within Catoosa County Census Tract 301. Subject to change and dependant on state regulations​.

Investment Tax Credits

The State of Georgia offers an investment tax credit to existing companies that have been doing business in the state for at least three years. The value of the credit is based on a county's Tier status. Catoosa County is a Tier 3 community. Therefore, existing industry can receive a 1% State income tax credit on qualified investments.
Qualified investment expenses include, but are not limited to:
  • Land acquisition
  • Improvements
  • Buildings
  • Machinery and equipment used in a manufacturing or telecommunications facility
A credit credit of 3% is available for investments in:
  • Recycling or pollution control equipment
  • Defense plant manufacturing conversion to a new product
Qualified investments must be approved. Please refer to the state's Incentive Brochure for further details.

Georgia Quick Start Workforce Training

Georgia's premier workforce training incentive is administered through the Technical College System of Georgia. This program is a discretionary incentive offered to any qualified company, whether new to Georgia, expanding a workforce, or adding new technology to stay competitive.
Quick Start assesses workers, trains new employees based on your unique processes, and develops customized job-specific training using the most current techniques and media.
For more information on Georgia Quick Start, please visit their website, 
or email them at
To see if you might qualify for this incentive, you can email the following information to
  • Number of jobs to be created
  • Breakdown of jobs by type
  • Timetable for operational start up
  • Hiring timeline for each job type
  • Industry sector
  • Any additional information regarding products or processes
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