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Catoosa County College and Career Academy

About the Business Needs Assessment Survey:

In an effort to assist the creation of a College and Career Academy in Catoosa County, the Catoosa County Economic Development Authority is partnering with the Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce and the Catoosa County College and Career Academy Board of Directors to gather information from our business community about their current workforce needs.

The College and Career Academy education model allows the school system to be more flexible in the teachings they offer students and Catoosa County's future workforce. We want to be sure that we are meeting your needs and expectations and are therefore asking for you help to complete our needs assessment survey.

What we need:

This survey will ask you questions related to your business, employees, and workforce training needs as well as how you think the College and Career Academy model might best help your business.

The survey is 33 questions long and will take you approximately 12 minutes to complete. Please follow the link to the right to begin the survey.

Thank you for your time and participation!

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